We are a non-profit organization relentlessly focused on critical issues unique to cancer patients - including fertility challenges that may follow after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drug treatment.

Our mission is to ensure cancer patients have a fertility future by educating the community about preservation options and working directly with healthcare practices to provide monetary need-based grants to cover the cost of preservation.



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Our story

What does one do when diagnosed with cancer for the *THIRD* time before their 40th birthday?

If you are our founder, Amanda Rice, you channel your frustration with reproductive health insurance coverage for cancer patients (or lack thereof) into a nonprofit.

Into a Movement.

Into the Chick Mission.

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The Chick Mission idea "hatched" when Amanda's fertility preservation coverage was denied by her insurance company. Staring down a long road of chemo, radiation and long-term drug therapy, Amanda understood the high likelihood of infertility after her treatment and decided to move forward covering the costs on her own. The idea of other patients choosing not to pursue preservation simply because of the cost barrier did not sit well - socioeconomic standing should not dictate whether anyone has an opportunity to have biological children after they battle and beat cancer. Simply put - "This Is Bullshit!"

Amanda used the hours waiting for doctor's appointments and the down time in the chemo suite to brainstorm what an organization focused on educating young cancer patients about fertility options ahead of treatment would look like. And how to offset and assist these patients with the costs associated with preservation.

As a woman who has spent over a decade of her career raising money for a living, Amanda utilized that skill set to help get The Chick Mission off the ground. She jumped down the rabbit hole of necessary paperwork to incorporate and pursue the 501c3 designation. Luckily, recruiting the founding board didn't take much time at all - as Amanda's retired mother jumped at the chance to work on this project, along with two of her best friends with special connections to cancer, a prominent New York City fertility specialist, and another cancer survivor who knew all too well what a battle with cancer and fertility preservation was all about.

The Chick Mission will not accept the status quo of health insurance companies refusing to cover fertility preservation for cancer patients. Our organization strives to give any woman a choice regarding her future family before lifesaving treatment makes decisions for her. We will advise, educate and fundraise until coverage is the new norm in all 50 states.