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Know the Facts

Hey, we’re not doctors. We are a group of survivors, supporters and passionate people who truly believe women deserve to have a full family life in their post cancer chapter should they choose to do so. We have access to good information and hope it’s helpful to share what we’ve been through and how to ask questions
of your medical providers.

Everyone’s journey is unique and treatment plans are different. But here is some general info to get the conversation started. We encourage you to ask some real physicians to see what’s applicable for you.


Medical Options

Oncofertility bridges oncology and reproductive research to explore and expand options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors. The name was coined in 2006 by Teresa K. Woodruff at the Oncofertility Consortium. Oncofertility research focuses on increasing fertility preservation options for patients undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. 

Current options for fertility preservation before treatment begins include oocyte and/or embryo cryopreservation. The first half of both procedures is the same—ovarian stimulation followed by an egg extraction. However, it is after the eggs are extracted that the treatment process differs:

In addition to either egg or embryo cryopreservation there are medications (ex. lupron) which have shown promise in protecting ovarian reserve.  A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming. The last thing a patient needs is to worry about the ability to have biological children after treatment.


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