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Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Having kids still should be.

Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


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“Why am I having to choose between saving my life at 22 and being able to start a family when this is all over?”

– Roshni, Survivor & Grant Recipient

Hope Grant Program

Our Hope Grant Program supports newly diagnosed female patients choosing to preserve fertility options ahead of treatment. Please contact us for more information about where we work geographically and our current fertility partners across the country.


Our Story

After her *third* cancer diagnosis before age 40, our founder Amanda Rice channeled her frustration with reproductive health into a nonprofit.




HB 1649 just passed in the Texas Senate. This is HUGE. The cost of fertility preservation for cancer patients — both men and women — will be covered in Texas.

This feels surreal. And would not have been made possible without all of your support. Thank you for calling your reps — together, we made real, tangible change. One state down, 35+ to go 💛

At 24 years old, Haileigh Curlee was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, a type of breast cancer. Her world abruptly turned upside down, as the next months were filled with medical appointments, a double mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 radiation appointments. Ahead of these treatments, her doctors listed side effects that range from fatigue to joint pain, throwing up blood and life-long numbness in extremities. But the side effect of chemo that really stopped her in her tracks was the possibility of becoming sterile.

“I always knew I wanted kids in the future, but I never realized how much, until I realized that may be taken away from me,” shared Haileigh in front of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services last week.

While Haileigh was able to have her fertility preservation covered by a foundation’s grant, there remain many survivors who aren’t able to access these resources. Her story is not a one-off. She stands in support of HB 1649, so that young women like her are guaranteed the option to preserve their fertility ahead of life-saving cancer treatments.

Texans, we urge you all to call your Senators TODAY, telling them how important passing HB 1649 is. It will be voted on as soon as tomorrow — and every voice is vital in passing this through.

Find numbers to call in our Stories, and DM us with any questions. Additional resources can be found at 💛

@cutandclarity has been part of our flock for as long as we can remember. It’s our shared commitment and passion for giving back to women that makes us great partners — but it’s our love of bubbles and fun that makes us great friends 💛🐥🥲

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Who’s excited?! 🥂🫧

That. Was. Crazy.

HB 1649 is scheduled for a vote in the Texas Senate next week.

We need your support, now more than ever. Give your Texas senator a call or head to our website to send a letter to your rep. Passing this bill would mean that cancer patients (men and women) would have the cost of fertility preservation covered by insurance.

Let’s make this possible. And a lot a f🐥🐥king noise.

My invisible scar includes the loss of motherhood. In fact, after multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, my body went directly into menopause after treatment…ending my hopes of having a family. This is very common side effect for young women after cancer treatment, but it doesn’t need to be. Methods used to save your life, will ultimately lead to dreams of motherhood being shattered.

There are approximately seven thousand eight hundred Texans between the age of 15-39 that will be diagnosed w cancer this year. Over 90% of this patient population will survive and go on to live a long life in remission. This is incredible news…but, it comes with a catch. Less Texas children, Texas mothers, Texas fathers…

I am proud to share that I am the Founder of a small non-profit organization run by cancer survivors. We now have nearly 400 women who still have hope for biological children after cancer because of our work. But, it doesn’t need to stop there. If insurance providers were required to cover this small patient population, we could continue to change lives for families fighting cancer.

There is legislative precedent here: it was only back in 1998 that reconstruction after a mastectomy was mandated by law to be covered under insurance. Surgery to remove the cancer was covered, but the reconstruction that made you whole was not covered. This seems incredibly barbaric…yet, this was only 25 years ago. This took legislative action. Something I am imploring each one of you to consider today.

-Amanda Rice, 3x cancer survivor and founder/CEO of The Chick Mission


Our founder testified in front of the Committee on Health & Human Services at the Texas State Capitol today, to share her support of HB 1649. If passed, it would cover the cost of fertility preservation for cancer patients in the state. We are awaiting news of whether it will be scheduled in the Senate for a vote. Stay tuned!!!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, marking a meaningful occasion to celebrate some of our biggest role models in life. But “it’s not just hearts and flowers for all women,” notes our Director Tracy Weiss. It’s also an emotional, poignant day for many, reflecting on what could be — if they had a mom or if they were a mom.

In 2021, we launched a Mother’s Day PSA to underscore part of this pain, largely catalyzed by the lack of support received from health insurance companies. We projected our message and a massive, empty ultrasound across the city and in Times Square: showcasing what a woman made infertile by cancer could look like.

Today, we continue to stand behind the words: “Having cancer isn’t a choice. Having kids still should be,” as we work to ensure that every woman newly diagnosed with cancer knows their options and has the choice to preserve their fertility.

We thank you all for your continuing support 💛

After a COVID hiatus…
BTIG charity trading day is back on Tuesday, May 2nd!!!
Did you know, all net commissions go to their charity partners?
The Chick Mission is honored to be included in this incredibly philanthropic initiative and we encourage all of our supporters to trade that day and request that your commissions get earmarked for our continued work!

Congratulations to @progynyinc and their incredible corporate partners as they close out the day @nasdaq! We spy TCM founder Amanda Rice in the mix. 💛
Thank you for bringing more eyes to the fertility needs of women and families.

“Having cancer isn’t a choice. Motherhood should be,” shared @lindshubbs with NY1. The Chick Mission ambassador led a Barry’s class on Tuesday, where ticket sales went to support our Hope Grant program, working to ensure that every young woman diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve her fertility and future family options.

A huge shoutout to everyone who showed up and got their sweat on! 💛

Throwing it back to our first annual gala, where we brought together our supporters in one chicked-out space in Chelsea! Since 2018, our flock has only grown — as has our impact. We’re immensely proud to have since been able to give over 370 cancer patients Hope Grants, saving a collective 4.5M in medical bills.

Together, we’ve provided HOPE in a dark, vulnerable time — through boosting patients’ strength and giving them the power of choice. Having cancer isn’t a choice. Having kids should be.

And it’s never too early to get this year’s gala on your radar: save the date for October 26 💛✨

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