Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Having kids still should be.

Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


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“Why am I having to choose between saving my life at 22 and being able to start a family when this is all over?”

– Roshni, Survivor & Grant Recipient

Hope Grant Program

Our Hope Grant Program supports newly diagnosed female patients choosing to preserve fertility options ahead of treatment. Please contact us for more information about where we work geographically and our current fertility partners across the country.


Our Story

After her *third* cancer diagnosis before age 40, our founder Amanda Rice channeled her frustration with reproductive health into a nonprofit.



“The first time that I met Amanda was the day after chemo. I went to a breast cancer gala, and I saw her across the room and said ‘you paid for my eggs!’ She understood what I was going through. That it’s not fair — cancer can happen to anyone, at any age,” Roshni Kamta.

Kamta is just one of our incredible Hope Grant recipients. She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the age of 22 — and her rare diagnosis at a young age meant there was not much of a peer group to relate to. Now a few years out from diagnosis, Roshni she lives fiercely and colorfully, and remains vocal about her experience to inspire others. And some exciting news... Roshni is newly engaged! 💛

“When you go through cancer, the ultimate equalizer, people rally. We want to help as many others win their battles and come out on the other side with this future family and lots of fullness,” Amanda Rice, 3x cancer survivor and Founder of The Chick Mission. 🐥

And we couldn’t be more grateful for those that continue to rally around our cause, ensuring every newly diagnosed cancer patient has a shot at a future family.

#fbf to our second annual gala in Chelsea, where over 500 guests came together in support of The Chick Mission. Since then, we’ve provided over 300 more Hope Grants, giving a source of strength and light to so many incredible chicks. We’re so happy to have you as part of our flock 💛

Three years ago, Shelly Batista of Chicago, IL was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. She needed to start treatment, fast. Shelly was told that the chemotherapy would destroy her fertility, but the couple had always dreamt of growing their family. Thanks to Dr. Goodman, the couple was told there was HOPE — that before starting chemotherapy, Shelly and Robert could create frozen embryos. Thankfully, the Battistas live in just a handful of states that require insurance to cover fertility after cancer and were able to freeze 8 embryos.

After 12 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy and having her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed, Shelly was healthy enough to get pregnant a year after treatment, thanks to IVF. The new additions to the family arrived on the two-year anniversary of Shelly being declared cancer-free. 💛

Shelly’s story is a poignant reminder that you are not alone in your battle — thousands of women are faced with a flurry of decisions to make — fast, and with varying resources. The Chick Mission is grateful to provide HOPE for newly diagnosed cancer patients, particularly for those in states whose insurance is not mandated to cover fertility after cancer. 🐥

We remain thankful for everyone who continues to provide support to the cause, and spread the word. Here’s to more Hope Grants and continuing our advocacy! 💪✨

“Everyone will have an opinion on what you are doing right or wrong. You must stay true to your mission, stay in your lane and you will have the best results as you grow.” - Tracy Weiss, Chick Mission Executive Director

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A huge THANK YOU to those who entered the Taylor Swift raffle! Your participation helped raise over $17,000 in support of The Chick Mission – ensuring every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve her fertility ahead of life-saving treatment. These crucial funds will cover the cost of fertility preservation for THREE newly diagnosed patients. We are so grateful for your support and thrilled that you’re a part of our chick crew. 🐥

The Lucky One has been chosen! We couldn’t be more excited to send the raffle winner and her friend to see Miss Swift perform on March 31 in Arlington, TX. She has been notified via an email from our Executive Director, Tracy Weiss. ✨

While now might be the time to light a candle and turn on Taylor’s version of ‘All Too Well,’ we hope you’ll stay part of the flock and join in on our upcoming initiatives. And to sweeten it all… we’ll be there listening to the bonus Midnights tracks with you all tonight! 💛

How much do you think you’d pay for a ticket to see Taylor Swift’s “The Eras” concert? If you win The Chick Mission’s raffle, it could be just $89 for two floor seats.

“If you want floor seats to the Taylor Swift show, you’re going to pay probably well over $1,000 per ticket,” The Chick Mission CEO and Founder Amanda Rice (@ricey33) said. “It’s wild!”

The Chick Mission is raffling two tickets on the floor level to Taylor Swift’s concert at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on March 31. The money raised goes to “Hope Grants,” which help pay for women who have been diagnosed with cancer to preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy. Egg freezing treatments cost about $20,000.

“Most people are surprised when they find out that health insurance will not cover this procedure before you go into treatment to save your life,” The Chick Mission Executive Director Tracy Weiss (@northforkd) said.

For the full story with @nbcdallas check out our link in bio!

Calling all cool chicks 🐣😎 You have just a few days left — until March 13 — to enter the raffle to see Taylor Swift in concert on March 31 (Arlington, TX). Airfare is included, thanks to @southwestair’s support ✈️

Head to to enter today! 🐥 And if Taylor isn’t your thing, there’s an option to support a cancer survivor and have them attend 💛

May you be the Lucky One!! ❣️

Fierce. Fearless. Fighter. Just a few ways to describe our badass flock. 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾

The Chick Mission is proud to have awarded over 350 Hope Grants since our founding, giving cancer patients a chance to preserve their fertility — so they don’t have to choose between saving their life and starting a family.

We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has donated to our current campaign, the Great Egg Freeze in the Bay Area, as all proceeds go towards our grants! If you aren’t located in the area and can’t make it to the plunge, help us reach our goal by heading to 🌉

We wouldn’t be able to live out our mission without your support. Thank you!! 💛💛💛

No, we weren’t lying the first time around 😝 There’s still time to enter the raffle for the Era’s tour on March 31 in Arlington, TX! All proceeds go to benefit our Hope Grant program, giving women newly diagnosed with cancer access to fertility preservation. And if Taylor’s not your thing (no shade) there’s the option to purchase raffle tickets for a cancer survivor, giving them the opportunity to see Miss Swift shine! 💛🐣

Lastly, just to sweeten the deal... we’ll be offering roundtrip airfare, courtesy of Southwest, to the winners. Head to to grab your raffle tickets today! ✈️🐈🙃

We’re excited to announce CCRM Fertility San Francisco, a leader in fertility science, research and advancement, as a sponsor of the second annual Great Egg Freeze in the Bay! Last year, over 50 plungers braved the cold with family, friends (new and old) and reveled in the community that showed up to celebrate and support the expansion of Hope Grants in the Bay Area 🐥

Our Executive Director Tracy Weiss notes: “The Chick Mission is thrilled to have @ccrmfertility San Francisco as a partner for our 2023 Great Egg Freeze campaign. CCRM is committed to top notch care for its oncofertility patients at all their locations across the country, making it a natural fit to 'jump in' with The Chick Mission.”

Whether you’re a Bay Area local or an East Coaster, help us meet our goal and support patients in the Bay Area by heading to! We can’t wait to see who shows up on March 5 🌉🐣✨

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer — whether you're a survivor yourself or have been there to help a friend, family member or mentor battling through it. Taylor Swift has been open about her mom's experiences with both breast cancer and a brain tumor — reflecting on it in songs like "Soon You’ll Get Better".

Given the Swifts' strength and the awareness they’ve raised around cancer treatment and prevention, we couldn't be more excited to provide the opportunity for someone to have the perfect night attending the Taylor Swift Era's tour — be it through purchasing a raffle ticket for yourself or selecting the option to give a cancer survivor the chance to go!

Head to to enter 🐣

I said a brrrr, it’s cold in here... 🥶come join in on the fun at our second annual Great Egg Freeze in the Bay! 🌉

Last year, this community raised $90,000, funding 12 Hope Grants to provide fertility preservation options for women newly diagnosed with cancer. We’re excited to be back out there in less than a month — and see what can be accomplished 💪✨

Register for the event on March 5 at 🐥

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