Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Having kids still should be.

Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy for legislative change.

We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


Know The Facts.

We’re Making Things Happen


Hope Grant Recipients


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Eggs Frozen

“Why am I having to choose between saving my life at 22 and being able to start a family when this is all over?”

– Roshni, Survivor & Grant Recipient

Hope Grant Program

Our Hope Grant Program supports newly diagnosed female patients choosing to preserve fertility options ahead of treatment. Please contact us for more information about where we work geographically and our current fertility partners across the country.


Our Story

Our founder Amanda Rice channeled her frustration with reproductive health into a nonprofit after being diagnosed with cancer for the *THIRD* time before her 40th birthday.



The only remedy for the September Scaries ?
Grab a ticket for the annual Chick Mission Gala on October 27th in NYC. You will want to be in the room as we revel in far our community has come and celebrate the survivors, supporters, medical professionals and loved ones who keep us going.
Monies raised will enable The Chick Mission to continue our vital work, not only providing need-based "Hope Grants" to newly diagnosed cancer patients, but also pushing forward crucial education and advocacy programs.
#LinkInBio to secure your spot!

A milestone five years in the making….
Today - The Chick Mission’s Hope Grant program assisted our 300th patient. There are *300* women with family building options after battling and beating cancer.
TCM is proud of the $1.8 million dollars pledged to fertility preservation ahead of active cancer treatment that may cause infertility.
None of this incredible work happens without our dedicated Peeps, Partner clinics and Supporters like you! Thank you. 💛

A heartfelt *thank you* to everyone who joined us this weekend for the Great Egg Freeze: Hamptons Edition.
The enthusiasm of our supporters raised both awareness about cancer & fertility and SEVEN Hope Grants for young women newly diagnosed. THANK YOU to our sponsor @springfertility !
The fun is not over! You can still donate (#linkinbio) or DM to fine out where we aee jumping in next.

Mini Peeps plunge into the bool at the Great Egg Freeze : Hamptons Edition….never to early to start raising awareness for women’s issues. ⭐️ ...

Great egg freeze: Hamptons edition ...

Don’t be chicken — join us *tomorrow* @ Foster Memorial Beach for the Great Egg Freeze: Hampton Edition.
Great kiddo swag, @sagtowncoffee, @kingdavidtacos courtesy of our sponsor. @springfertility

@jamiesparrot: world traveler, executive board member, general badass…takes the plunge in Switzerland.
You can still support our volunteers as they get freezin’ for a reason or sign up to join us at Foster-Memorial Beach *this* Sunday.
DM here or check out

It’s GREAT EGG FREEZE HAMPTONS week! While we are excited to jump in, it’s also important to remember *why* our Hope Grant program exists.
@SpringFertility ‘s Dr. Peter Klatsky on the importance of Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients.

The Great Egg Freeze Plunge raises dollars for our Hope Grant program that supports women newly diagnosed with cancer as they preserve their fertility. While it is summer…. the water in #SagHarbor isn’t heated! So if the cold never bothered you anyway, join us on Sunday 8/21.

Thank you to our fabulous sponsor - @springfertility 🐥

#LINKINBIO 📸: @davidbenthalphotography

Join us two weeks from today for The Great Egg Freeze in the Hamptons!! Grab your kiddos, your friends, and your dog and meet us at Foster Memorial Beach ...

TCM founder @ricey33 leading The Great Egg Freeze charge by example. Join our crew jumping in to support women newly diagnosed with cancer in the Hamptons on 8/21 at 10am or virtually In a body of water near you…Visit or DM for details! ...

It is August! There are only three weeks left to make an end of summer splash and register for the GREAT EGG FREEZE: Hamptons Edition.
Our Family Friendly Plunge starts at 10am at Fosters Beach on August 21st. Join us to change lives and help women with cancer preserve fertility options ahead of treatment!
🐥 #linkinbio

@thechicks are tough broads — much like @chickmission chicks. This week, the band performed ‘For Her,’ an anthem reminding all women to stand up and show up for each others.
And that is our mission: to show up and stand up for women newly diagnosed with cancer trying to navigate a *crushing* time in their lives.

🎵 So dig a little bit deeper
And be whole lot louder
And a lot less guarded
'Cause it takes, it takes
It takes a lotta hard work
To get a whole lot stronger
'Cause it's real tough, girl. 🎵

It is time! Break out the sunscreen and mark August 21st in your calendar. 🌊

Registration is now open for THE GREAT EGG FREEZE: HAMPTONs. Jump in with The Chick Mission as we raise money to support women with cancer preserve their fertility. It has never been more important to provide access to reproductive health services. 💪🏻

Sign up for our beach blast on 8/21 Out East, fundraise for our Hope Grant Program, bring your families in support of female cancer patients. 🐥

Special thanks to our 2022 sponsor @springfertility NY for supporting our mission. #linkinbio

To close out #NationalFertilityMonth, Mark Your Icals for 6/29 at 3pm EST for a conversation between The Chick Mission CEO Amanda Rice and Conceive Founder + CEO Lauren Berson. Two brilliant Chicks doing what they can for women navigating the fertility space. ...

#nationalsurvivorsday 💛
Survivorship looks different for everyone and changes form as months go by and life continues.
The Chick Mission sees all of you who are learning your ‘new normal’ and how to grow around and with a cancer journey in the rear view mirror.

The internet is/can be a noisy place. This #NationalFertilityMonth, The Chick Mission will send up uncomplicated pointed posts about preservation ahead of cancer, talk with survivors about their experiences and tap our roster of experts to discuss some of the nuances that exist when one has to freeze their eggs in a hurry.
Visit our website to learn more and watch this space. #linkinbio

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