We are a national community of patients, survivors, parents, doctors, advocates, friends, and loved ones working together to preserve hope, sanity, and choice for women battling cancer.


Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy for legislative change. We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


Together, we have helped more than 125 women preserve their fertility ahead of lifesaving treatment, collectively saving patients and their families over $1.6 million in medical expenses, and creating countless opportunities for young women to fulfill their dreams of a future family. 


We won’t stop until fertility preservation is covered by health insurance policies in all 50 states!

Our story

What does one do when diagnosed with cancer for the
*THIRD* time before their 40th birthday?

If you are our founder, Amanda Rice, you channel your frustration with reproductive health insurance coverage for cancer patients (or lack thereof) into a nonprofit.

Into a Movement.

Into the Chick Mission

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