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Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Having kids still should be.

Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


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“Why am I having to choose between saving my life at 22 and being able to start a family when this is all over?”

– Roshni, Survivor & Grant Recipient

Hope Grant Program

Our Hope Grant Program supports newly diagnosed female patients choosing to preserve fertility options ahead of treatment. Please contact us for more information about where we work geographically and our current fertility partners across the country.


Our Story

After her *third* cancer diagnosis before age 40, our founder Amanda Rice channeled her frustration with reproductive health into a nonprofit.



Jumping into the fertility world means being flooded with new acronyms and long words — especially when it comes with an overlap in cancer care.

We’re ~breaking down~ some key terms, hoping to make this realm a bit more manageable — and starting with the basics: oncofertility.

At The Chick Mission, we’re all about access to fertility care. And this Thursday we’re throwing it back to our support of New York’s Child-Parent Security Act, which passed in 2020. Moved into effect almost three years ago: February 15, 2021, the law has since allowed thousands of families to pursue their dreams of parenthood 💛💛💛

We’re proud to have been part of this — and here’s to creating more lasting change in the fertility space! 💪✨

“If your doctor dismisses you, find a better doctor. And if you need help being your own advocate, bring a support system to your appointment who will lift you up. I once brought my best friend to an appointment where I had 20 questions listed on a paper. I got to question six, crumbled, and the doctor left. My friend told me I wasn’t speaking up for myself and dragged the doctor back into the room. You’re not a statistic. You’re a human being and our bodies are different. The sooner you recognize that your body is your body, and you need the care that’s best for you, the better off you’ll be,” shared TCM’s founder and CEO (and 3x cancer survivor!) Amanda Rice in a recent interview with ‘Patient Worthy’ 💪✨

Head to the link in bio to discover more about how Rice navigated her own cancer diagnoses, the lessons learned along the way, the necessary support from friends and family — plus the many frustrations throughout… and how all of this has shaped The Chick Mission community today! 💛🐥

While everyone is wondering whether @taylorswift will make it back from Japan in time for the Super Bowl 🤔 we’re throwing it back to our epic fundraiser where one lucky winner (and her daughter!) were given the chance to see our kween live in TEXAS 🩷and all raffle proceeds went to benefit our Hope Grant program 🙏 ...

Did you know that undergoing cancer treatment can impact your fertility? Fertility refers to the ability to conceive a child and, for women, to carry that child throughout the pregnancy. The @americancancersociety reports that cancer treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy, can impact reproductive processes and make it more difficult to conceive or carry a child. However, some individuals undergoing treatment are not told about the fertility-related risks by their medical team.

In 2014, Amanda Rice never knew that this would be an issue that she would care about so deeply. She was in her early 30s, working in finance, and driving fearlessly forward towards her goals. Everything changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time.

Now a three-time cancer survivor, Amanda is passionate about raising cancer awareness, supporting other survivors through her advocacy work with Survivorship Today, and advocating for the fertility rights of female cancer survivors. She shares: “I was told about the impact of cancer on my reproduction. Less than 50% of doctors tell patients about this risk. I’m incredibly committed to creating a world in which every person diagnosed with cancer has the option to start their own biological family and is informed about what their treatments mean for them.”

Amanda recently sat down with Patient Worthy to discuss her experiences with breast cancer and melanoma, the challenges and rewards of survivorship, and her amazing work with The Chick Mission — read it all at the link in bio. 🐥

Each year, 89,500 young adults are newly diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.

Of over 77% of these patients reported clinically significant levels of distress in relation to loss of fertility.

We’re on a mission to change this — and ensure that every young person faced with cancer doesn’t have to choose between their future fertility options and cancer treatments.

Learn more and join the flock at 🐤💛

We’re flashing it back to one of our epic ~polar plunges~ THE GREAT EGG FREEZE in Austin, TX 💛🥶

We’ve been jumping in across the country for over four years now — and can’t wait for more events and impact to come! Stay updated with all things TCM at and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter The Chirp 🐤 ✨ (no SPAM, we promise 🤞)

P.S. got a birthday, bat mitzvah or bridal shower coming up? You can host your own Chick Mission event by enrolling in our Chick2Chick campaign. Learn more at the link in bio! 🎉
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Having cancer isn’t a choice. Having kids should be. 💛

We’re throwing it back to a moving conversation led by the imitable @sterlingkbrown, whose support of the cancer community is strong and enduring. Thank you for continuing to lift up the voices of survivors — and congratulations, Sterling, on your Oscar nomination. We’re all rooting for you!!

For the full video, head to the link in our story. 🐥

While we’re all chicks on a mission to change the landscape of women’s health…our ultimate mission is to NOT exist. We’re fighting for fertility preservation for cancer patients to be mandated in EVERY state, ensuring that women who are faced with a flurry of decisions to make (and fast) that they can ensure confidence in at least one of these choices and invest in their future self. 💛

Learn more about this fight (and join in!) at 🐥

A recent piece in @wsj reports: Cancer is hitting more young people in the U.S. and around the globe, baffling doctors. Diagnosis rates in the U.S. rose in 2019 to 107.8 cases per 100,000 people under 50, up 12.8% from 95.6 in 2000, federal data show. A study in BMJ Oncology last year reported a sharp global rise in cancers in people under 50, with the highest rates in North America, Australia and Western Europe.

“I didn’t really think that much about cancer until I got it,” shared cancer patient Meilin. “It messes with your identity.”

While these reports are staggering — it underscores the importance of the support that these patients need, which oftentimes includes addressing their fertility health before (and after) treatment. And thanks to medical breakthroughs, it also means that their likelihood of surviving is higher, too — highlighting how their ‘post-cancer’ life is deserving of immense care as well.

So let’s continue to push for change, both on a local and national level — and ensure that oncofertility care is right up there with cancer treatment care and education. Everyone deserves to have a choice when it comes to their future health 💛

1/8 women 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽❌👩🏿👩🏽👩🏼👩🏻 That is the odds of having breast cancer.

Thankfully, hearing the life-shaking phrase ‘you have cancer’ is no longer always a direct correlation to an end-of-life sentence, due to modern medicinal breakthroughs. Meaning SO many survivors can go on to live FULL, vibrant lives after treatment, which we are grateful for 🙏 And for many, starting a family is part of that full future.

We’re thankful to give women that choice of starting a family through our Hope Grant Program and by changing legal mandates, state-by-state. Help us keep up the good fight, together - and learn more at 🐥💛🥚

We’re throwing it back to Covid-times (how are we almost four years out from March 2020?!) when our CEO/Founder Amanda Rice and Director Tracy Weiss held The Chick Mission HQ in eastern New York, out of the city. While much in the world (and hairstyles) may have changed since then, our team’s gratefulness for your support remains steadfast! We would not have been able to have awarded hundreds of more Hope Grants since then or changed legislation at a state level if it weren’t for YOU. So keep on kicking it with us 😎

Let us know how you first heard about The Chick Mission in the comments! ⬇️ We love growing this flock and being able to continue to support cancer patients! 🐥 and while we’re out of that first scare of Covid-19, we recognize that the world continues to be a bizarre, sometimes scary place; we’re thankful to have this community amidst this all — and are committed to being there for you.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us! 💛

In 2019, Roshni Kamta was a young, vibrant 22-year-old who had recently graduated from college. She moved to New York City to embark on her career and establish her independence. Nights were a blast with laughter, adventures, and embracing everything the city offered. But, sometimes, life can throw a curveball even when you are young and full of life.

It started with a lump in her left breast, a symptom she didn’t think much of, figuring many young women just have lumpy breasts. She reasoned that the pain on her left side was a result of her workout routine. And the large bruise on her left arm? Just a regular bruise.

But things escalated after she got stuck in a subway door. She started noticing blood and yellowish discharge on her sheets and nightshirts. She thought the blood was due to her period. But when she noticed the discharge in her bra, she thought, “I need to get this checked out.”

The cancer diagnosis shook Roshni’s world in ways she never imagined. She struggled to understand why and thought, “I am so young. How could this possibly happen to me?”. She didn’t have a family history of breast cancer and no known genetic mutation. It took her a while to accept that a “why” wouldn’t change the diagnosis or the impact of the diagnosis on her future.

At her first appointment with her cancer surgeon, she learned that the treatment could affect her fertility.  At this early stage of adulthood, she hadn’t even thought about whether she wanted to have children. To make matters more complicated, not only did Roshni have to think about her fertility, she was presented with an option that cost thousands of dollars. One IVF single can cost up to $20,000 out of pocket.

Besides providing Roshni with fertility preservation advice, her surgeon’s office recognized the financial burden. And they were able to provide a glimmer of hope: The Chick Mission.

For the full feature on one of our incredible Hope Grant recipients, read on at the link in bio.

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