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Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Having kids still should be.

Our mission is to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility through direct financial support, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

We refuse to let the emotional, physical, and financial cost of a cancer diagnosis stand between young women and a full life after beating this disease.


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“Why am I having to choose between saving my life at 22 and being able to start a family when this is all over?”

– Roshni, Survivor & Grant Recipient

Hope Grant Program

Our Hope Grant Program supports newly diagnosed female patients choosing to preserve fertility options ahead of treatment. Please contact us for more information about where we work geographically and our current fertility partners across the country.


Our Story

After her *third* cancer diagnosis before age 40, our founder Amanda Rice channeled her frustration with reproductive health into a nonprofit.



Our motto ⬆️ Since no one wishes cancer upon themselves (or their worst enemy).

We’re so proud to be able to put a sense of control back into the lives of young female cancer patients at a blurring time where so little seems to be in control — and yet so many crucial decisions need to be made, fast.

Through fertility preservation, that sense of control and hope can trickle in. There’s dreams of lighter days and a fuller life, which may or may not include expanding your family. At least there’s choice in all of this…

All goes to say, a big THANK YOU you to everyone who continues to expand awareness of our mission — we won’t stop until the remaining 34 states mandate fertility preservation options for cancer patients — so let’s keep up the good fight 💛

We are so excited to be taking the plunge in Austin this Sunday for The Great Egg Freeze! 🤠💛 There’s still time to sign up (click that link in bio!) — but even if you can’t be there IRL, enter to win our ‘Keep Austin Fierce’ raffle basket, which includes:

🐥$100 gift cards to Odd Duck & The Diner Bar / The Grey Market
🐥Spoke & Weal hair care package valued at $350
🐥Rejuvenate lash and facial treatments
🐥Tito`s gift basket

…and more! Get your raffle tickets via the link in our bio! Winner will be notified on December 18 🙏

We’re taking a look back at an epic Great Egg Freeze hosted by our friends at @arrichion_durham! 💛✨

Today, their team sent some amazing donations our way!

If YOU donate to The Chick Mission TODAY, your donation will be matched 🐥💦 #GivingTuesday

Advocacy is ✨EVERYTHING!✨

We’re grateful for those who have helped lead the charge for monumental changes in the landscape of women’s health. Lindsay Beck is the Chief Impact Officer of @tmrwlifesciences, which is advancing how patients and clinics store their eggs and embryos.

Beck is not only a 2x cancer survivor, but also went on to found Fertile Hope, changing the standard of care for fertility and oncology and catalyzing the establishment of “oncofertility.” The organization was acquired by the @livestrong Foundation in 2009.

We are so thankful for her support, as well as TMRW’s, which donated 1k our way this Giving Tuesday. Thank you!! 💙

Calling all chicks! 🐥🐥🐥We’re here to add a little ~fun~ to this #GivingTuesday

Head to our stories to play along! Just screenshot a bingo board, add in your Venmo and share with your followers on your story. All donations made through the boards will be matched — so DM us your hits! 🐥

Funds raised go to support changing the landscape of women’s health, giving young women with cancer a choice when it comes to their future fertility options. Without further ado…LFG! 💪✨

“When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis unexpectedly, it can be almost impossible for them to access the care they need in a timely fashion. With the help of organizations like The Chick Mission, CCRM is able to help more patients achieve their dreams and preserve their future fertility potential. It’s an amazing partnership,” shares Dr. Rashmi Kudesia of @ccrmhouston

This giving Tuesday, The Chick Mission is sharing our THANKS for all of our incredible partners, allowing us to provide ✨HOPE✨ to young women with cancer, giving them the opportunity to take control of their future fertility options.

And calling all Texans! If you’re in the Austin area, join us this Sunday for our first Great Egg Freeze in the Lone Star State! And if you can’t make it there in-person there are still ways to participate virtually - learn more via our link in bio 💛🐥

✨TEXANS!✨ we are just one week away from our first Great Egg Freeze in Austin! Save your spot at the link in bio to join in on the fun — and know that your contributions are being put to good, furthering support young women with cancer receive💪✨

We can’t wait to plunge with you! Our Executive Director Tracy Weiss is showing us how she’s prepping for the big day — let us know how you’re getting ready for the big day in the comments ⬇️

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁 we are so grateful for all of YOU helping us to change the landscape of women’s health! And we’re grateful for the 450+ lives we’ve touched through our Hope Grant program becoming forever members of our flock! 🐥

Let’s keep at it! 💛✨

Being thrown into the fertility space — days (or perhaps hours!) after learning you have the dreaded C-word — comes with a learning curve… to say the least. Not only are you oozing with emotions and jolted with countless decisions to make (or perhaps you’re purely numb to it all) but you’re also tasked with learning a new language, chocked full of acronyms.

When you set an appointment with a fertility practice, your first meeting will likely be with your fertility doctor, also known as an REI — that’s short for Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist. They’ve gone through OBGYN training (med school then residency), plus 3+ years of specialized training to get where they are; they know their stuff.

Your REI is one of the key players in the egg freezing process, there to have candid conversations throughout, perform the egg extraction, and more.

So next time someone brings up REI, you can ask yourself whether they’re talking about getting a new pair of sneakers or sitting down to have candid conversations about their future fertility options.🥚🩺

Calling all y’all in Austin! 💛🐥

Join us on December 3 for an EPIC Great Egg Freeze! This will be our first in Texas; help us make it a special one! Start planning out your jumps and fits, and save your spot via the link in bio 💦🤠

A cancer diagnosis certainly doesn’t come with a guidebook… but one thing that can be certain is the company you’ve cultivated, there to help navigate the rollercoaster ahead.

Our Executive Director extraordinaire, cancer survivor Tracy Weiss “sat down” on a Zoom call with one of her closest friends, Marisa, this past week. Together they reflected on some of the times spent together throughout TW’s cancer experience — and Marisa, who owns @arrichion_durham shared how she’s continuing to support: by bringing awareness and funds to The Chick Mission from North Carolina, a state that has yet to pass mandates around fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Through November 21, Marisa’s studio will be giving back to The Chick Mission through a workout challenge. Plus, they just hosted an extremely epic Great Egg Freeze with a dunk tank and chicken costume galore (stay tuned for the pics).

Learn more about how to get involved by visiting @arrichion_durham and heading to the link in bio! And know that we’re always here to chat + support those going through treatment, about to start it or who are years pass it 💛🐥✨

This November, we’re reflecting on all of the gratitude we have for our supporters — from small businesses to cancer warriors and all of the peeps who are downright passionate about changing the landscape of women’s health! 🙏

Right now we’re sharing a big thanks to @citymouse_ny, a New York-based parenting brand founded by a rare cancer survivor. For the entire month of November, in honor of Giving Tuesday (Nov 28), Citymouse® will be donating a portion of profits from every sale of their multipurpose diaper bag (great for anyone, not just parents) to The Chick Mission!

The founder of Citymouse®, Alex, was a recipient of a Hope Grant following her cancer diagnosis - and is “eternally grateful to The Chick Mission for giving her hope for the future she has always dreamed of.” 💛

Learn more at the link in bio.

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