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When you are young — you are invincible. You can burn your candle at both ends and the future feels boundless. Perhaps your career is starting to gel or maybe you’re finally living the life you’ve been building for yourself brick by brick and chapter by chapter.

But then you hear the words, “you have cancer,” and time stops. Life stops. Choices that seemed easily made are no longer options. The future can feel murky and unclear and occasionally, dark.

The Chick Mission exists to provide hope and light to these women as they trek through a cancer diagnosis that’s rife with frustration. There’s nothing fair about this disease and is made even more unfair by the costs associated with the journey… particularly, when it comes to having the potential for a family in a cancer free future. Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery and Long Term Drug Therapy often have irreversible effects on a woman’s ability to conceive and carry a baby.

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